Eliminating Rats in The Home

rat-l_A2Getting rid of rats requires a two-step combination. First, the homeowner must find and then block the entrances to the home that the rats are using to gain access. Once rats can no longer enter the premises, the homeowner can then begin using traps and other methods to eliminate those present in the home. Failing to block the entrances results in new rats replacing those caught in the traps, making the homeowner’s pest control efforts akin to bailing out a sinking ship using a single pail.

Rats can enter homes using entrances much smaller than most homeowners might expect. As a result, the main problem lies in finding the potential entrances rather than blocking them. For the most part, homeowners should make sure that rats have minimal access to vulnerable areas of the home. This means cutting branches so that rats cannot use them to gain access to roofs, making sure that shrubs are not planted next to homes, and eliminating clutter that rats can use to hide. Make sure that all openings to the home are either sealed up or protected using metal mesh. Furthermore, remain vigilant for more of these openings to appear over time.

Once the entrances have been closed, a number of traps can be used to eliminate the rats based on the homeowners’ personal preferences. Traps should be placed close to the places that rats frequent. Peanut butter is an excellent bait, but fruits, vegetables, and nuts also make for excellent substitutes. Make sure that the traps are in accessible locations so that the rats can be retrieved and disposed of after their elimination. Furthermore, if the traps are lethal, make sure to wash them using bleach so that the smell of blood is eliminated after each kill.

Of course, for the best results, be sure to consult local pest control professionals about how to get rid of rats. Not all rat species behave in the same manner, meaning that some rat control methods might be more or less effective under the circumstances. Pest control professionals are the people best placed to understand the local rat species and the most effective methods for eliminating members of said species.


Effective Pigeon Control Methods

pigeon-control-neededControlling pigeons especially on the outer surfaces of buildings requires significantly more effort. The most permanent and effective methods of controlling these birds requires modifications on the building which will make it hard for the pigeons to land and rest on the surface or it completely excludes pigeons from the favourite surface. The following are some of the most effective pigeon control methods.

Nest removal

Although this method is time consuming and sometimes unpleasant, it is one of the best methods of pigeon control. This method helps in controlling pigeon population. Pigeons are very private bird and by tampering with their nest they get discouraged and will have to move to somewhere else. For a maximum control, it is advisable for one to carry out an effective pigeon control to carry out pigeon proofing on the roof top of the house.


Pigeons can be live trapped on different locations and buildings. For success with this method you can use pre-baiting traps and food that the birds are used to, for example grains, pop corn, corn flour, sunflower seeds, bread, peanuts and peas. This method is the best as it is a humane way of dealing with these birds.

Repellents and bird proof

A sticky substance can be applied with a caulk gun specifically where the birds roost. Bird gel is one of the best substances that can help repel pigeons. It is a non toxic substance, non lethal and is also harmless to metal structures. Bird proof can guard your property from bird droppings for up to a year long with a single application.

Bird slide

This is the critical bird control method. It is the most creative product that is proven to help in effective bird control. Although it is expensive, bird slide crates an obstruction that makes it impossible for the pigeons to perch on the roof or anywhere else on the building.

In summary the above are some of the most effective pigeon control methods that can help eradicate and completely eliminate pigeon menace in a home or anywhere else.

Best Natural Squirrel Repellents

pest-squirrelSquirrels can become pests as they are known to cause damage to gardens, roofs, attics and wiring. They are known to carry mites and fleas that can are responsible for spreading of Lyme and typhus diseases. They can be fun to watch but can cause many problems as they can destroy bird feeders, dig up gardens and chew wires in houses. Dealing with squirrels means dealing with them humanely as it is illegal to harm the animals. If you too are experiencing problems with squirrels, call us for squirrel removal Oakville.

There are several types of squirrel repellents you can use to keep the critters away. Their effectiveness varies based on the level of the problem and the tolerance of the animal. They are not that effective for most people.

Squirrel Pest Control can be minimized by various natural herbal repellents such as:

Red Pepper And Cayenne Flakes-They are one of the popular and useful homemade squirrel repellent. If you have a squirrel problem in your garden, plant bulbs can be coated with cayenne pepper as squirrels have sensitive noses. Due to its spicy smell of pepper, it enables the squirrels to drive away from the plants. Dried and powered cayenne can be sprinkled around the edges of the plants of the garden area and at the base of the trees.

Black Pepper is another natural way that can easily repel squirrels. It’s strong scent and flavor helps to get rid of them just like cayenne flakes. Safflower”- Safflower Seeds are bitter in nature hence, they are disliked by the squirrels. They can be put into the Bird Feeders And Plant Areas that drives away the squirrels easily.

Winter Bloom Or Witch Hazel  are referred to as the Shrubs which are medium in size. It’s leaves are used in producing the Astringent (Witch Hazel). It’s barks and leaves are extremely tangy and bitter in nature that makes the squirrels drive away from small as well as large gardens.

Mint with various varieties like Peppermint And Spearmint plays a vital role as a squirrel repellent. Mint Extract, Mint Oil And Mint Leaves are the options that can be used extensively as they have a concentrated scent which makes the squirrels run away without harming anything.

Nutmeg And Cinnamon” contains the repelling abilities of squirrels that can easily be freshly sprinkled around the garden beds and yards.

Fox Urine, Dried Blood And Moth Balls are other repellents which are hated by the squirrels due to the bitter taste and odor of Moth Balls, Scent Of Dead Animal By Dried Blood And The Skunk Smell Of Fox Urine which makes the squirrels to stay away.

Honey is another method used for the pest control of squirrels. The areas are coated with honey which are readily disliked by the squirrels.

All Natural Squirrel Repellent works so well as it contains different substances with various repellent properties.

If you have tried these methods and have seen limited success then you need professional help. Visit our animal control page to see how we can help.